Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle Seahawks

Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle Seahawks : Game and score predictions,Last week was a rare strugglefest for the Arrowhead Pride contributors as every single one of us picked the Chiefs to beat the Chargers on Thursday night. Unfortunately, we stood corrected.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle Seahawks live

This week, the Chiefs travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks in a game that has the potential to drastically shake up the standings.Let’s see what FanPulse has to say about the Chiefs contest this week,1. Chiefs offense continues to evolve as Damien Williams and Kelvin Benjamin gets more playing time.

2. Chiefs defense needs to account for Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. Both are quick with exceptional talent at finding holes in zone coverage. I would focus on shutting down the rushing game completely and force Wilson to stay in the pocket. Shrink the passing lanes. He is a smaller quarterback that needs to get clean air to make big plays.

3. Seahawks defense plays a lot of tight zone coverage to throw off the timing of the passing game. This allows their pass rush an extra sec to get to the quarterback. They are vulnerable to a committed rushing attack.

4. Understand the atmosphere. No senseless penalties. Battle and fight for every yard until the end. Sunday Night Football will be a playoff atmosphere on national TV, so the playoff mindset begins now.”Losers focus on winners; winners focus on winning

The Great Northwest town of Seattle is known for many fine things to do on road trips. Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks and Metropolitan Grille are a few of my faves. For anyone that has been to a game there, the so-called 12th man is a thing—it’s not Arrowhead, but it’s real. There is a distinct challenge of playing there.

I think the mini-bye week gets this team back on track. Give Andy Reid extra time to prepare for your team and chances are it’s over for you. While the Seahawks have played some crazy games up there over the years, I don’t see that here. Chiefs win in a close one.

Both teams have a lot on the line, but the Seahawks will have their fans behind them in CenturyLink. The Chiefs are a better team, but the Seahawks have played a lot of good teams really closely this season. Russell Wilson is having a great season, but the Seahawks are decimated by injuries. Then there’s Patrick Mahomes. And oh yeah… Eric Berry. This is going to be a close one, but I think the Chiefs will pull it out.

Everyone in KC is terrified of the Seattle Seahawks because they are the league’s top rushing attack, a great defense and are playing at home. It’s been pinned as doom and gloom for a ton of Chiefs fans for one reason or another. Take a step back, and in the immortal words of the second best quarterback in the NFL (Aaron Rodgers) R-E-L-A-X.

The Seahawks rushing attack, on the year, is averaging over 50 yards less per game the Ravens are since Lamar Jackson took over. The Chiefs held the Ravens to their lowest rushing total of the year. The Seahawks are very good but it’s not up to par with the Ravens or Chargers, especially on a yards-per-play average. Seattle is better at home than on the road, but the best team they’ve beaten at home is the struggling Minnesota Vikings. This game isn’t the Boogey Man it’s made out to be—it’s a good team playing against a better team